David Banner is a music artist, producer, actor and humanitarian.

In November 2006, Banner was awarded a Visionary Award by the National Black Caucus of State Legislators in Jackson, Mississippi in recognition of his humanitarian work in response to Hurricane Katrina.[19][20] On September 25, 2007, Banner testified before Congress at a hearing about racism and misogyny in hip hop music titled "From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images".[21] He defended his use of offensive language and argued: "Change the situation in my neighborhood and maybe I'll get better."[21] In his opening statement, Banner stated: "I can admit there are some problems in hip hop but it is only a reflection of what's taking place in our society. Hip hop is sick because America is sick."

He started his music career as a member of the rap duo, Crooked Lettaz, before going solo in 2000 with the release titled Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1. In 2003, Banner signed to Universal Records, where he released four albums. Banner is also a noted producer, having produced music for himself, Trick Daddy, T.I., Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne among others.


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