Emma T. Willis is the COO of Venture Noire, a nonprofit focused on supporting Black entrepreneurs. At the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology and community is where you’ll find Emma Willis. Every day you’ll find Emma fighting to bridge the wealth inequality gap. Whether working tirelessly in her role as COO of Venture Noire or volunteering her time, Willis’ passion for social impact is at the forefront of every project she takes on.

Emma Willis’ career has spanned from marketing to financial services to business strategy and so on. She puts an emphasis on thought leadership focused on higher education savings and resources for startups.

Emma is also the host of the podcast Raising a CEO. Every week, Willis talks with CEOs and those who’ve helped get them there to share insights into the world of building a business. Her ability to connect and desire to help others in their journey shines through in each episode as she gets to the core of what makes these leaders successful (as well as lessons they learned the hard way).