"Why do we seek to influence, if not to drive meaningful change?"

With over 25 years of dedication, Jodie Blum stands as an unmatched force in strategic philanthropy and social impact marketing. She's transformed celebrity influence into lasting legacies of purpose and heart. Jodie leverages her innovative design thinking talent to create programming and campaigns that drive funding decisions and maximizes awareness. She hasn't just embraced strategic philanthropy; she's redefined it.

Jodie has breathed life into philanthropic visions for globally recognized entertainers, athletes, and brands. Also attracting partnerships with titans like Cartier, NBA, American Airlines, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, and Live Nation, and Puma to name a few. Her unique blueprint in crafting humanitarian objectives led her to pioneer The Common Ground Foundation alongside actor, artist, and activist Common. This journey earned an Emmy Award nomination for writing and directing “A Minute” in partnership with MTV.

As the inaugural Executive Director of the Recording Academy GRAMMY U, she didn't just build a community; she created unprecedented access for college students pursuing a career in the music industry. Curating and activating over 200 nationally branded events annually, bridging students face-to-face with the industry's most coveted talent and executives.

As the Founder/CEO of The Co-llective Social Impact Agency, Jodie’s vision shines brighter, redefining the art of philanthropy. Her clientele includes luminaries like GRAMMY winner Ne-Yo, Imagine Dragons, NBA World Champion JaVale McGee, NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year- Ben Jones, Nascimento (Pelé) Foundation, Id Tech, StockX, Def Jam, Roc Nation, Porsche, Sonos, and a host of revered brands and foundations - which isn't just a testament to her prowess but to the trust she's garnered through dedicated service.

For Jodie, mental health awareness isn't a trend; it's a mission. She forged alliances with the Mental Health Coalition and Mental Health Storytelling Coalition and provided executive leadership to organizations such as Don’t Mind Me Foundation (founded by Actress/Director Mädchen Amick); The Talented Twelve (founded by TV Host/ Actor Karamo Brown), The Dr. Brandt Foundation, and Hip Hop Public Health. A trusted voice in mental health advocacy, she's been the chorus behind transformative narratives and societal perceptions, fostering dialogues that touch, heal, and impact millions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jodie's heart lies with foster care. A proud foster/adoptive mother, her life mirrors purpose-driven actions. She's a vocal advocate, serving on boards like the National Advisory Council for FosterMore and TedX Waterstreet. Her guiding principle is a soulful mantra that encapsulates her journey: "Never give up. Always give thanks."