Michael Bonner is an educator, speaker, philanthropist and author. He has been highlighted by several media outlets and organizations such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC Nightly News, The Ashton Kutcher Foundation, Time for Kids, People Magazine and more.

Corporations, administrators and educators alike leave Mr. Bonner’s presence ready to make an impact that affects eternity. Mr. Bonner is consistently seen as a visionary leader who strives to create a positive mindset among all of his students. His students come to class each day with diverse backgrounds, strengths, needs and challenges. Therefore, he identifies strategies to ensure their growth socially, emotionally, academically and psychologically. Recently, he has shifted his pedagogical practices to focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, STEAM and developing a love for reading.

Due to his educational approach, students leave more hopeful, challenged, inspired and forever a part of Bonnerville. Today, Mr. Bonner lives in Atlanta, where he teaches 4th grade Social Studies and 6th grade ELA at the famed Ron Clark Academy.