Dr. Christopher Brooks

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Dr. Christopher Brooks brings wisdom from a diverse 25-year career serving as an executive, educator, and change agent. He held leadership roles in National (USA) and global organizations, and served as a Professor at undergraduate and graduate Institutions.

As an undergraduate Professor, he built 10 brand new courses and led academic learning trips to urban neighborhoods within the United States and in developing nations. His chief passion is the intersection of race and economics. He has focused his research and work on advocating for individuals, families and communities caught in the vicious cycle of generational poverty.  He raised several millions of dollars in the nonprofit sector and in VC investments.

He is co-Founder and Managing Partner of Brown Venture Group, a Venture Studio focused on BIPOC Technology entrepreneurs and the companies they start: investing in Brown Success.  In this role he is actively involved in raising and deploying a $50M inaugural fund. He is also co-Founder and Partner of Firehouse Commons, a business incubator in South Minneapolis.

He is actively involved in mentoring, facilitating premarital counseling and officiating weddings - investing time in the next generation.


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