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Dr. Monique Couvson

Charisma's Turn is a graphic novel written by Dr. Monique Couvson and illustrated by Amanda Jones. It tells the story of Charisma, a Black high school student who is struggling with mounting pressures from home and school.

Charisma is a bright and talented student, but she feels like she is constantly being held back by the expectations of others. At school, she is often stereotyped and discriminated against because of her race and gender. At home, she is dealing with the stress of her parents' divorce and the financial difficulties that her family is facing.

Charisma's English teacher, Ms. Johnson, sees her potential and offers to help her. Ms. Johnson introduces Charisma to a group of Black girls who are involved in a social justice project. Charisma is initially hesitant to join the group, but she eventually decides to give it a try.

Through her involvement in the social justice project, Charisma learns about the challenges that Black communities face. She also learns how to use her voice and her power to make a difference in the world.

Charisma's Turn is an important and timely graphic novel. It is a story about resilience, empowerment, and the power of community. It is a story that resonates with Black girls of all ages.

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