Tina Lifford Presents 'Inner Fitness'

Tina Lifford

November 30th, 2022

Hi, I’m Tina Lifford, Founder & CEO of the Inner Fitness Project. 

The National Science Foundation reports that humans think 12 to 60 thousand thoughts daily. 80% of our thinking is negative & 95% is repetitive. Now you add two years of COVID to that mix and it makes sense that the World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, depression will be a significant global health risk.

At the Inner Fitness Project, we know that giving quality time and attention to the inner self; our thoughts, feelings & beliefs is critical. Inner Fitness positively impacts mood, fosters resilience, relieves stress, and helps individuals hold on to a sense of what’s possible for their lives. Every major social concern (diversity, education, human rights and social justice) is positively impacted when citizens are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong.

Moreover, we believe that in the 21st century the most valuable leaders will be people who are emotionally harmonious, resilient, self-affirmed and empathetic. Leaders of both industry and community who pay attention to their inner fitness will make our world better.

By inviting me to speak at your next event, your audience will learn more about the tenets of inner fitness and the preliminary steps towards strengthening their inner selves. I will provide them with practical strategies that have been proven to help people turn well-being concepts into a lifestyle and philosophy.

Now is the time to live well and thrive!