Natasha Alford - An American Negra

Natasha Alford

Natasha Alford's new book "American Negra" is a memoir that explores her experiences growing up as the daughter of an African American father and Puerto Rican mother.

The book is part memoir and part cultural analysis,  Alford reflects on her working-class upbringing in Syracuse, New York, and the challenges of navigating her multiracial identity in a society with limited definitions of race.

Here are some key points about the book:

  • Identity and culture: Alford grapples with questions of belonging and explores the complexities of being Black and Latina in the United States.
  • Multicultural experiences: The book details experiences that highlight the cultural contradictions and stereotypes she faced, such as being told she has "good hair" in Black salons while being told she has "bad hair" within Latino beauty standards.
  • Life journey: Alford chronicles her journey from a public school system to Harvard University, and through various career paths including hedge funds, teaching and journalism.
  • Finding her voice: Ultimately, the book is about self-discovery and finding her authentic voice as a Black Latina woman in America.

"American Negra" is available in hardcover, audiobook, and ebook formats.

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